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Saturday, May 08, 2010, 04:33

Snow and Much Colder

As of Friday evening, we had not gotten the snow yet. But we had definitely experienced the much colder.

Friday we had a high temperature of about 40 degrees. And it rained for most of the day. In all, during the day Friday, we got about six-tenths of an inch of rain.

This does not bode particularly well for the rose bushes, willows, plum tree and sedum that I ordered. When it arrived a few days ago, I put the plants in buckets of water, hoping to find time during the week to plant them. Surely, I thought, by Friday evening I would have time to get them in the ground.

Somehow, when it was raining and only 40 degrees, I did not feel much like planting rose bushes and willows and plums and sedum.

The roses, a type of hedge rose, are going to be planted along the edge of the yard where the power company destroyed all of my trees last year. The willows, a type of willow that is supposed to tolerate poor soil and grow fast, are going in that area, too. I have not decided where to put the plum tree yet. The sedum is going next to the house where my daylilies died out in the drought. Sedum is tolerant of poor conditions, so I am hoping it will take hold there.

And speaking of plum trees, the plum tree by the barn is not doing very well. It only has a few leaves on the bottom branches. The funny thing is, I have seen a couple of plum trees around town looking like that, too, as well as a wild plum along the road. Same thing -- a few leaves on the bottom branches and nothing else.

We should have, I think, anticipated that there would be some cold weather in May after the lovely April weather. It was cold enough a week ago that I think it froze some of my lilac blooms. They are looking a little wilty in places and even though they have just started to bloom, some of them are turning brown.

Welcome to spring!

LeAnn R. Ralph


Thursday, May 06, 2010, 05:17

Volatile Weather

The weather on Wednesday was really unsettled. One minute the sun would be shining. Then a bank of dark clouds would roll through and it would be tremendously windy and would rain for a short while.

Then it would continue to be windy and cloudy until the next squall moved through, and then it would rain a little bit more. And then the sun would come out. But in a while, cloud bank would roll in from the west. And it was cold, too, with highs in the 50s. It was the cold wind that made it seem so much colder.

Wednesday evening Randy and I went to town to get our glasses adjusted again ( a very long story.) Another cloud rolled through, it rained a bit, and then the sun came out and there was a rainbow in the sky --actually two rainbows.

I was hoping to get out and plant some things Wednesday evening but it was much too windy and damp to want be outside. I ordered some hedge roses and fast-growing willows, Dragon's Blood sedum and a plum tree.

A good thing, too, about the plum tree because the plum tree by the barn is mostly dead, it looks like. Must have gotten too cold for it in the winter.

As soon as my plants arrived, I put them in buckets of water, so I am hoping they will be all right until I can get them planted.

LeAnn R. Ralph

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